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Shared Ride Fares and Customer Co-Pays

TACT's Shared Ride fares are based on the distance of your trip. For example, a trip in Armstrong County that is 0 to 4.9 miles costs $19.00. Many of TACT's Shared-Ride passengers qualify for a co-pay that is 5%, 10%, or 15% of the full fare. 

To learn more about TACT's Shared Ride fares and the cost of your trip please call TACT's representatives at 724-548-8696 or 1-800-245-8588.

  • Exact change is required. Drivers do not carry change. 

  • Books of tickets are available for purchase for $10. 

    • Books can be purchased from drivers or the office. ​

  • Drivers are not permitted to accept tips or gifts for their service.

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