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 Fixed Route Service 

TACT provides Fixed Route bus service from our terminal at 179 N. Mckean Street to locations throughout Kittanning and Ford City. 

Fixed Route bus service works as a "flag stop system". Designated stops are included in all routes but buses may be "flagged" along the route. To "flag" a bus for a ride, position yourself on the correct side of the street well before any major intersection. Attempt to make               eye contact with the driver and raise your arm up and down (not like a hello wave). If safe, the bus operator will stop the vehicle as close to your location as possible. 

TACT operates three bus routes for  Fixed Route Service:

Blue Line Web Map 2024.png

Mall · Hospital

 Serving : Applewold, West Kittanning, DMV, Social Security Office, ACMH Hospital, Hilltop Plaza & Franklin Village Shopping Centers

Green Line.png

Ford City · Lenape · Valley View Heights · Manorville

 Serving : Career Link, Ford City, Ford Cliff, Manor & Valley View

Yellow Line Route Map change 10.31.23.png

Kittanning · Wick City

 Serving : Human Services Office, Kittanning Cottages, Melody Place, YMCA, Post Office

Fixed Route 
Live Bus Tracking

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